Onya Aine!

I met the gorgeous Irish musician Aine Tyrrell last week. Her name is pronounced On-yay and she has the silvery lilting voice you would expect of an Irish songstress. Aine pulled up at the church in her bus with her three kids. When I say bus, I don’t mean mini-van, 4WD or anyting (sorry, that’s the Irish in me) wussy like that – I’m talking a serious bus like this…

Aine outside Queenscliff Uniting

Aine outside Queenscliff Uniting

In the back of the bus are four bunk beds, a kitchen and a shower and toilet. Oh, and a ‘monkey bar’ that one of her daughters likes to hang about on.

Aine is an inspiration to me as a fellow ‘artiste’. She took the plunge, quitting her day job as a primary school teacher at the start of this year, and is now travelling around the countryside living the dream. She thought about waiting until her album came out (it was made while travelling in the outback and is currently being mixed) but then decided the time was right.

‘It you just say ‘yes’, things happen,’ she says – explaining how one gig leads to another and in the land of musicians looking after each others kids is part of the culture.

FlyerPNGAine’s musical talent came from her dad who – now in his 70s – is still touring in Ireland. Her dad visited Australia last year and they toured together. She says she’d been doing backing vocals for him for years. But Aine is very much a talent in her own right now – winning best emerging talent at the Queenscliff Music Festival last year and already booked in for this year’s Port Fairy Folk Festival.

So, she came to Queenscliff to finalise details for her gig at the church. She’ll be supported by fiddle player Carmen O’Brien, drummer Fenn Wilson and local talent Sarah Carroll may also make an appearance. Also playing on the night will be Freddie White – a legend of the Irish music scene who is now based in Sydney.

The concert should be a blast – the Saturday after St Patrick’s day – so people will be encouraged to wear green and somehow there’ll be Irish themed food – the ‘caterers’ (ministers) are working on that one 😉 Aine4


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