A piece of cake

My friend Rachel is one of the most creative people I know.

Loretta's 13th Birthday Cake

Loretta’s 13th Birthday Cake

She probably doesn’t think of herself that way – she’s a stay-at-home Mum and beats herself up occasionally about not keeping the house clean enough. She has a gigantic house and it’s always spotless.

But when she’s not up at midnight mopping, she’s making stuff. She loves to knit, she works as a volunteer running a craft group at a neighbourhood house and she’s an awesome cook. Check out this cake, she made for her daughter’s birthday.



She went through the laborious process of making three cakes, dividing each into two pans – so after many hours baking, she ended up with this…







Then she piled them up on top of each other…

Like so...

Like so…

Before finishing with this…










Rachel also made the happy pants cake for the launch of my Happy Pants book last year.HPcake

She’s one of my Melbourne buddies but we keep in touch once a month when I go up for my dose of culture – craft night followed by book group at the Collingwood Convent – a ritual I love 🙂




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