Mosaic Madness

ClassesSo, there’s some beginner mosaic classes coming up at Kirk’s Place.

I first got excited about mosaicing about eight years ago. My friend Liz McGrath (who would later become my very talented illustrator for Happy Pants) was coordinating a mosaic project for our kid’s kinder. I’ve always loved the look of mosaics – particularly outdoor ones. They lend a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland feel to a garden. So once I’d learnt the basics from Liz, I started experimenting at home. I made a picture of Mary (Jesus’ mum) mourning at the foot of the cross for the West Preston Baptist’s first Station’s of the Cross exhibition. Unfortunately, Mary came out looking like a giant blue slug…Blue slug

But I wasn’t deterred. The following year, I made this (below) – at Him-In-Door’s suggestion. It has some religious significance, I can’t remember what 🙂


Anyway, based on my amateur enthusiasm, I suggested at work that we run a series of beginner art classes. And guess what? There’s a two-part mosaic class. We ran the first one over January and the results were quite startling. Here’s a taster:

MobileJan15 015MobileJan15 016MobileJan15 012MobileJan15 010

And we’re doing it again for the Easter holidays 🙂 Contact me to book!




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