My first art exhibition

Exciting things are happening in Queenscliff. The church where I work is about to have its second Sacred Edge festival – humbly sub-titled The little festival with the big heart. And so it is! This year – in a very exciting coup – we have added the awesome indigenous musician Archie Roach to the program.

But for me the big deal is there’s a companion art exhibition – Art for Wellbeing – and one of my works (oh, doesn’t that sound grand – I’m not really an artiste!) has been selected for exhibition! Check it out…

Gecko Dreaming

Gecko Dreaming

The work now known as Gecko Dreaming has been a craft project of mine for the last two years or so.  Here’s the artist’s statement I wrote to compliment the piece:

This piece represents many things for me – patience, perseverance, goal-setting, mindfulness, achievement, thriftiness, creativity. It is the most ambitious visual art piece I have ever undertaken and it took about two years on and off to complete. I found the wool and backing at a school fete and picked it up for a song. It was actually someone else’s abandoned craft project – they’d done two lines which I unpicked. There were no instructions – although I had previouslyGecko3 completed one other hook rug so I knew the technique. Looking at the colour palette – lots of browns and yellows with one striking green – I decided I wanted to create an indigenous-style piece. I also knew I wanted to make the green into some sort of lizard or gecko. I found an image on the net which was actually a mosaic and used that as a basic template. My husband drew the outline of the gecko for me and sectioned off the individual ’tiles’. The rest I made up as I went along. I loved working on this piece and felt my emotions were very reflective of the artist’s journey – the overwhelming feeling of the vastness of the project at the beginning, the enjoyment after completing different ‘sections’, the mindfulness of losing myself in the repetitive elements of the pattern and the sense of excitement as I neared the end. For me, the piece is representative of why I love crafting – the joy of creating something beautiful (particularly from potentially unpromising materials) and the sense of wellbeing that brings.

The Art for Wellbeing exhibition is on display throughout the month of May at Queenscliff Uniting Church, cnr of Hesse & Stokes Streets. The church is open 7 days a week from 10.30am-4pm.



2 thoughts on “My first art exhibition

  1. artfullblogger says:

    This work is such a perfect example of Art for Wellbeing, Heather! love that it’s upcycled from someone else’s cast off, that it was a collaborative with your husband’s expertise, and that it was improvised as you went along. I’m so looking forward to sharing the exhibition with others and hearing the stories of creativity, and how art making contributes to our mental, physical, psychical and spiritual wellbeing…..


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