The Tardis Cake

It’s a tradition in our house that as the kid’s birthdays approach they begin studying the  Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake cookbook. They pore over that ragged book with the Traincakeintensity of a Master Chef contestant grappling with a new recipe. Stupidly – for me – part of the tradition is that they have carte blanche to choose the cake of their dreams. It is then up to the creative powerhouse which is me and Him-In-Doors to create said cake. I remember some years back staying up to well past 11pm (there may have been some alcohol consumed) indulging our toddler daughter’s desire for a train – complete with three carriages!

Yep – that’s it over there…

Anyway, this year, Baby Bear – alas, not quite so babyish – she turned 11, broke away from the Women’s Weekly. She wanted a (gulp) Tardis cake!

As you can imagine, Dr Google has a gazillion options for making Tardis’ cakes. For those who live under collective rocks, the Tardis is the time machine that Dr Who travels in. We had to talk Baby Bear out of her intense desire to have a Dr Who party as none of her friends are fans. So we talked her down to a Space-themed party but the Tardis cake, of course, was a deal-breaker. Cakesbare

We started with two loaf sized cakes.

Then Him-In-Doors channelled his inner engineer to cut them into a Tardis shape, neatly wedged together witBare2h jam.

We cheated and bought pre-made icing which we tinted blue.                  Personally, I would’ve added more black to the icing to try for a true Tardis blue but Baby Bear was worried it would turn grey and insisted on the shade (or a variant there of) we ended up with.

Then the fun bit – slathering our cake with blue goo! Until it ended up like this..


Him-In-Doors used the Dyno to print out our Police Box sign and we chopped up bits of marzipan and drew on them with a chocolate pen for the windows. The end result was pretty cooI.

LitcakeNext post, I’ll blog about fun stuff for a Space-Themed party 🙂

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