Yarn Bombing!

It’s been a fun week at work. I’ve spent lots of time yarn bombing in Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff to promote the World Wide Knit in Public weekend. My accomplice has been church elder Richard – who I previously inducted into a media stunt dressed as a gnome. This is the pole we did outside Pasquinis.

Another yarn bombing success!

Another yarn bombing success!

Richard’s wife (another Heather) does the hard yards creating a giant scarf, stitching together knitted squares and bits of old jumpers to create the material and then we go along with our step ladder and safety-pins to do the deed.

We also created this awesome bike which we tied up outside the Info Centre in Queenscliff.

BikeI did attempt to ride it down the main street but alas, the chain came off – it is a kid’s bike after all. The ladies from the Knitting Group were teaching people to knit over the weekend – as well as exhibiting the cool creations they make every six months between exhibitions. The cause this time was knitted slippers for kids at Glastonbury and Cottage by the Sea – here’s to warm tootsies this winter 🙂

Any locals might be interested to know that there’s still plenty of handmade winter woollies on display at the church.


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