Jumping in at the deep end…

I’ve done it again – quit my day job!

Oh dear, what is it about this writing marlarkey that makes us feel the need for the security of a ‘proper job’ and then when we get that proper job it acts like a time-sucking alien from the planet Zoob and suddenly we find ourselves moaning that ‘there is no time to write!’

Over the years, I’ve quit a few jobs with plans ‘to write’ but it’s a hard slog being a full-time stay-at-home author. I find myself perpetually putting on another load of washing, suddenly being available for every sports day, planetarium visit, science experiment, etc, etc, under the sun and er, walking the dog. And speaking of dogs, that ugly black one can be prone to sneaking back through the door with those rejections…eek!

But – this time will be different! I’m writing it here so it has to be true 🙂

I started my new life with a bang. I began with a Verse Novel course at the Wheeler’s Centre with Lisa Jacobson (right). Verse novels, for those who may not know, are basically novels written in poetry format – the poems are usually ‘free verse’ – in other words, they don’t have to rhyme or have a particular metre. Now, even though I’ve never really been into poetry – apart from a few dreadful lovelorn poems in my late teens but everyone does that don’t they? – the verse novel is a form I find very appealing. I love the idea of encapsulating so much in so few words and allowing the white space on the page to do some of the talking.

I also attended the Children’s and Young Adult (CYA) Writers conference in Brisbane where I met the famous Morris Gleitzman (below) and came away feeling inspired and excited. So stay tuned I will blog more about my recent writing lessons in upcoming posts.gleitzman-morris6-photo-credit-greg-beyer2011

By the way, anyone out there who’s also quit their day job to follow their dreams, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Jumping in at the deep end…

  1. Alex says:

    I’m juggling study with writing, but being at home can be a killer – it’s amazing how attractive housework suddenly becomes. Taking the computer/notepad up to the café or library is usually pretty productive, and a good change of scene.

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