A songwriter in the house

Well, we actually have a few songwriters in the house. But Him-In-Doors, aka Richard Evans, aka my husband, last week received his very first royalty statement. Check it out…




No, you don’t need to get your glasses checked – that’s a whopping $3.24. We are justly proud. No one ever said the creative industries were lucrative.

Staff image

This is Mr Spunk Rat, sorry Him-In-Doors, er Dr (if you don’t mind) Richard Evans

Rich has been writing ditties for the Coodabeen Champions for about five years. He loves it. As an uber-intellectual, criminology lecturer and mad-Cat’s fan, it’s light relief – I imagine of the crossword variety (if you like that kind of thing) – that gives him an incredibly enjoyable hobby. Basically, he takes a newsy thing that’s happening in the football world – which might be as serious as Essendon drug allegations or as trivial as dim sims back on the menu at the G – and then finds a rocky song that might go with it…This is when the crossword factor kicks in and he plays around with rhyming couplets. My all-time favourite is about Matty Lloyd’s shorts. I can’t find it on the net but it went something like this…

These are white shorts

You get the idea!

You get the idea!

These are tight shorts

They’re Matty Lloyd’s shorts

They’re riding high!

Lloyd eats his vegies

Doesn’t mind wedgies

They’re Matty Lloyd’s shorts

They’re riding high!

Over the years, the ditties have led to some cool things. This summer we had Greg Champion come and perform at the church where I used to work. The night was fabulous and he was very generous in paying tribute to our resident songwriter.

And while he loves the weekly ritual of tuning in to see if he’s ‘on’ the Coodabeens, Rich has also turned his song writing talents to some serious topics with great results. He wrote an incredibly moving song called Black Saturday following that tragic day in 2009 which came perilously close to claiming the lives of his Dad and step-Mum. And then there’s The City has No Walls which is basically about the irony of people calling themselves Christians (thanks for reading Tony 😕 ) and putting people in detention. Another multi-talented family member, Rich’s brother Patrick Evans has performed the song to such wide acclaim that another folk singer has added it to his repertoire.

Anyway, that’s probably enough about Him-In-Doors, unless of course you’re a fan of Bob Dylan in which case you can check out his blog.

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