Heartless Harridans & an Artist’s Date

The Heartless Harridans shot me down last week – hence, the lack of blog post. Okay, it’s probably not PC to call your two daughters, a mere 11 and 14, a pair of HHs – but I did something incredibly stupid and that was to read them a part of my work-in-progress. I know from past experience that this is a very dumb thing to do.

Not verse novel! said Thee Ferret No one wants to read a verse novel!

You can’t write about bras! said Baby Bear, mortified…which is kind of the point of why I’m writing it…

So, note to self, do not – I repeat – do not show WIP to HHs. Not because I’m a terrible writer and not because I don’t value feedback from my target audience but I honestly believe I could be JK Rowling and they would still pour scorn on my writing. I know I should know better but it got under my skin and gnawed away at that fragile sense of self-belief I can muster when working on something new that it’s kind of okay, that it might actually be brilliant…But enough. What was the remedy? Okay, well, apart from realising with some relief that I was also pre-menstrual, I decided to take myself on an Artist’s Date.


My favourite scene from The Dressmaker – Liam Hemsworth gets his kit off – ooh la la!

No, not with Liam Hemsworth. A dear friend, musician Suzette Herft, put Him-In-Doors and I onto the creative books of Julia Cameron. Her books are kind of like Chicken Soup for the Creative Soul except, she provides useful advice and exercises along with anecdotes. Two things she swears by for the creative life. One is ‘Morning Pages’ which is basically a diary which you write first thing every morning to get the inner critic and any other build-up of mind-crap out of your head and on to paper. The second is the Artist’s Date – where you feed your creative soul by taking yourself out and enjoying something artsy but unrelated to your current project. I took myself to see The Dressmaker – which I thoroughly enjoyed – and I met Him-In-Doors for lunch where I enjoyed a delightful salad, a Savvy-B and a coffee and a macaroon!

Take home message if you’re interested – be kind to yourself!

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