A thesis on periods – bloody hell!

Hello Dear Readers,

I was lost in outer space on the planet Zoob and hence no blogging – forgive me?


A prize for the reader who finds the planet Zoob 


But now I’m back, with news. Erm, no – publishing contract of my dreams has not fallen into my inbox – BUT I’ve decided to put my nose to the grindstone and return to study. Yep, Honours in Creative Writing. At Deakin. On, wait for it… depictions of menstruation in children’s fiction.

I know – bloody hell, right?

But the thing is, I read an awful lot of children’s literature and do girls of around that age 11-13 – I’m talking character girls here, not real girls – do they menstruate? – virtually never! What does this mean? Are periods too icky to write about? Do they indicate sexual maturation – is that the problem? Because, the thing is, it’s normal and it happens to every girl – sooner or later.

My work-in-progress, provisionally titled Mateless, Dateless and Hairy, is ‘a pubes and all’ take on puberty – and yes, my protagonist will get her period. And it will not be fun or make her part of the gang (thanks Judy Blume) – it will be messy and embarrassing and all the things that we just don’t talk about! So I’ll be talking about that here – a bit – this year. So if blood makes you squeamish, you may need to turn away from time to time but it you like pondering feminist issues – and I believe this is one – stay tuned

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