Bones Night Out

Cracking open the blog to post another story comp entry. This one thanks to Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis is #FallFrenzy

Apologies in advance, my family reckon I’m channeling my inner 13-year-old boy!

The story was inspired by this image:

Credit Unsplashed

‘’You made it!”

“Just!” Jerry cast a disgruntled glance in the direction of his sister, Dee. A lone bone, sipping a calcium-fortified milk in a dusty corner of the club. “Mom said I had to bring her.”

“You’re kidding, right?” said Doug. “The sign out front says NO UNDER-AGE SKELETONS ALLOWED.”

“I know,” Jerry glared. “Mom gave me the old hipbone’s connected to the thigh bone line. THEN she discovered the fine print on the sign – Mummies accepted. So, she sweet-talked the bouncer and here we are.”

“OMG!” squeaked Doug. “Don’t look now. Grace Skelly’s coming over!”

Jerry swallowed hard. Suddenly, he was hot under the collar bone.

“Doug Upp, right?” said Grace, extending a bony hand.

“Yes,” squeaked Doug.

“Care to dance?”

“Sure,” said Doug.

Nobody loves me, thought Jerry as he watched the pair disappear among the grooving masses.

“Hey!” It was Dee. “You need me doncha? I could feel it in my bones.”

Bonehead! thought Jerry.

“Wanna dance?”

Jerry groaned. He wasn’t sure he had the stomach for it.

But Dee grabbed him by the funny bone and steered him onto the dance floor.

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