Meeting at the Sacred Edge

So we had the Sacred Edge festival this weekend and it was, as expected, amazing. Loads of creative, inspirational people sharing ideas, music and food. But it’s been a rather exhausting week so I thought I’d just post some pictorial highlights. Hopefully everyone forgives me for sharing their photos here…

The festival began with a smoking ceremony which is the indigenous Welcome to Country.

The festival began with a smoking ceremony which is the indigenous Welcome to Country.

We had organised an interactive art space which invited participants to Create a Welcome.

One of the symbols we used was a giant nest where feathers and bark were provided for people to weave in. And there was also a Diversity mandala created from coloured shells.


A definite highlight was a moving performance by Archie Roach – ably supported by friend and fellow singer.


And then there was the International Dinner – a Bosnian feast catered for by the lovely folk from Nana’s Catering. Check it out…DessertFood



My inner rock chic

So Friday night was the big performance. Meet the Apple Fairies – I’m the one second from the left, next to Phil – King Rocker – who nearly knocked me out with the neck of his guitar on several occasions 🙂


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Onya Aine!

I met the gorgeous Irish musician Aine Tyrrell last week. Her name is pronounced On-yay and she has the silvery lilting voice you would expect of an Irish songstress. Aine pulled up at the church in her bus with her three kids. When I say bus, I don’t mean mini-van, 4WD or anyting (sorry, that’s the Irish in me) wussy like that – I’m talking a serious bus like this…

Aine outside Queenscliff Uniting

Aine outside Queenscliff Uniting

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