The Song of Good Hope


Glen Hansard – folk singer extraordinaire

We’ve been singing an amazing song in choir that has felt so relevant to me as I struggle with another dreadful bout of self-doubt on my writing journey. The Song of Good Hope by Glen Hansard speaks on so many levels. Hansard wrote it for a dear friend who was battling cancer but I think the song can apply more broadly to battling our inner demons. Here are some of my favourite lines:

Take your time babe, it’s not as bad as it seems, you’ll be fine babe,

It’s just some rivers and streams in between, you and where you wanna be.

And watch the signs now, you’ll know what they mean, you’ll be fine now

Just stay close to me and may good hope walk with you through everything.

One dear lady, who I don’t know very well, cried buckets of silent tears as we sung this song the other night. It was all I could do not to run across the circle and embrace her. Sadly, I don’t know her well enough to enquire but I think the comfort of the ‘coming to the well’ which is the group of women who meet once a week to sing may have helped.

And then, another night one of our choir friends shared that this song had spoken to her during her own cancer battle. She had sung it every day and it had brought her strength and solace. Wow, that’s some powerful writing! And so brave of her to share.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glen Hansard there’s a good article here.

And thanks as always to the beautiful Belinda McArdle for truly living up to her philosophy ‘finding the heart in the music and the music in each heart’


4 thoughts on “The Song of Good Hope

  1. Ro Morrison says:

    Hi Heath, thanks for your post, it struck a cord with me. Inspired to explore your back catalogue, I read “singing as therapy” – just great! Very funny and insightful on the power of music. Play your egg rock chick style if you want to, and stick with your writing journey, your blog is fantastic, brave & you’re an inspiration to me!


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